Vodka Helsinki PLATINUM 40%

The exclusive Platinum line represents a perfect combination of traditional Scandinavian vodka production methods and modern alcohol treatment processes. The selection of first-class raw ingredients and original technology which utilises special multiple filtration ensure an exceptionally delicate taste of pure vodka and above-standard enjoyment. Platinum vodka is a result of lengthy research and controlled exceptional quality. Precise processing and the delicate ice-like line of the design put the finishing touches on its uniqueness and originality.

Wild Cranberry

Wild Cranberry

4cl HELSINKI Platinum exclusive vodka
4cl of RANI orange juice
4cl of RANI pineapple juice
5 pieces of cranberry
4g of sugar
top up: 2cl of Airelles / cranberry, MONIN
top up: 2 cl of Frisco cranberry and Pilsner Urquell

Steps: Put cranberries and sugar into a serving glass, muddle with a muddler and add ice cubes. Gradually add all ingredients into a shaker, shake thoroughly and strain into a cooled glass. Finally top off the cocktail with cranberry syrup and Frisco.

Glass: Collins - long drink

Garnish: cranberry skewer garnished with peppermint


bottles 0,7l
Product box

packing box
9 x 0,7L / 11.6kg

60 x 0,7L

bottles 1l
Product box

packing box
9 x 1L / 15.5kg

48 x 1L

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